About Us

Everyone has the right to a good night’s sleep

Sleep Wooven uses the best in-class materials on earth to make sleep products for everyone at an affordable price.


Your money shouldn’t be paying for retail rents or celebrity advertising. We ensure that every dollar goes towards maximizing quality.


We are a responsible company, our products are strictly certified and do not cause further harm to the earth.


Sleep tight knowing that you have our guarantee on all our products


Problem: Great sleep comes at a great expense

Luxury beddings can be found at fancy department stores but they come with an outrageous price tag. Most of us are paying for their retail store rentals and hefty advertising fees that have nothing to do with improving your sleep.


Sleep Wooven is solving this problem by partnering with reputable manufacturers with a reliable track record and selling directly to consumers. Instead of paying 10x - 16x of the cost at a department store, you can purchase them here at a reasonable 3x - 4x markup.

A great day starts from having
A great sleep!

The Hau Family Team

The extended family has been operating in the fashion yarn, fibre trading and manufacturing businesses since 1960s. Every generation of consumers bring new opportunities to the market and we firmly believe that smart consumers like you are focused on quality and price. We do just that, but not at the expense of our environment and communities.


Philanthropy and Corporate Responsibility

Every time you sleep with our bedding, we want you to be in a sanctuary of love and gentle kindness without prejudice or complications. After all, we share the resources on earth and we should be kind to one another.

  • icon-4a.png All products use low-impact and environmentally safe dyes that are toxic free and safe for children use
  • play-button1.png Portion of our time and profit goes to helping LGBTQI organizations in Hong Kong focused on providing mental health services