Our Design Story

Wake up every morning to your full potential

From decades of family manufacturing experience, we found the most important factors in creating the most luxurious and comfortable bedding come down to a few simple factors: the cotton source and fabric finishing.


imgSurveying & Research

We conduct double-blind tests with the public to make sure we make it to your tough standards. Over 90% of our survey correspondents prefer the Sleep Wooven bedding sets’ fabric over other brands.

imgTrusted by Top hotels around the world

Our manufacturing partners provide the same bed linens to top hotels such as Westin, Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton. Building on top of the trust from strong hospitality brands is a seal of approval.


imgSourcing for the Best Cotton

Cotton is a natural crop with various fiber length; some are bound to be shorter and weaker than others.

  • imgProducts claiming to use long staple cotton may not be accurate when in fact a significant portion do not qualify in length.
  • imgWhen shorter fibers are mixed into production, the resulting yarn is weak and uneven.

Sleep Wooven uses combed cotton, which is an expensive process that discards shorter fibers before they are woven into fabric. Compared to the industry standard, our linens are:

  • imgsmoother and stronger
  • imgwithstands 2x the amount of wear and tear

imgProprietary Fabric Finishing

Our linens feels phenomenal to the touch because we use a process typically used only in high fashion called “mercerization”. This alters the pH of our cotton and makes the bedding:

  • imgresistant to mildew
  • imgcolorfast during your wash cycle
  • imgadds lustre, durability & smoothness

Most fancy beddings stop here, but we listened to our customers and go one step further for the perfect rest. Customers with sensitive skin might develop an itch with new linens when its pH levels are too high even after the first couple washes. Using a proprietary method, we fine tune the pH levels so that it matches closer to natural skin, making our bedding the perfect choice for hypoallergenic customers and families with young children.

imgEnvironmentally Safe and Chemical-free

Sleep Wooven only uses environmentally low-impact dyes that are AZO free. AZO compounds in traditional dye are cheaper but carcinogenic and devastating to the environment.

Sleep Wooven is committed to saving the environment from further damage and use only dyes that comply with strict EU regulations. Formaldehyde is also a common additive to fabrics in the textile industry to make them wrinkle free and mildew resistant.

Sleep Wooven does not use formaldehyde in our bed linens, because we know it is a carcinogen that triggers severe allergic reaction for some people even in small amounts. We are proud to offer bed linens that feel great, but also safety standards that exceed other brands.

imgInternationally recognized manufacturing standards

Our manufacturers are certified with top quality management standards to ensure the consistent quality and environmental commitment of Sleep Wooven beddings


OEKO-TEX, an institute based in Switzerland, is widely recognized as the strictest and most reputable authority for toxicology and safety testing in textiles. All our beddings are certified with Standard 100 A, meaning it is safe for young babies. Not many bedding retailers can claim this title.