5 Tips For A Bedroom Makeover Of Your Dreams

5 Tips For A Bedroom Makeover Of Your Dreams

15th Jun 2018

A bedroom makeover can be just the thing to lift your mood, change your outlook or simply jazz up a tired-looking space. Whether you want to hang out in it more, sleep in it better or simply smarten things up, a makeover is just the ticket. But before you dig deep into your pockets it’s worth remembering that as in life, sometimes it’s the small things that can make the biggest difference. We’ve put together a few easy bedroom decorating ideas that will breathe new life into your room without the cost taking your breath away!

Tip #1 – Tidy your space

Whether your bedroom is large or small, it has a tendency to be the place where you dump all the unwanted or unused items from around your house, away from the prying eyes of visitors or other members of the family. The good news is tidying is not only free, but will instantly give you more space, make the bedroom look larger and strip it back to basics, thus allowing you embark on your makeover with a more neutral starting point! If you can’t bear to be parted with your clutter, organize it and find a new home for it. Under the bed or in your closet there is normally ample unused space that can be utilized for no cost.

Tip #2 – New hardware

With your newly cleared space, you may find you have room to add a small cozy chair to create the reading corner you’ve always dreamed of. Or maybe without your stacks of laundry, the corner now looks bare and would welcome a shelf or table. Shelves make for a lovely display area while remaining functional. Where possible, why not recycle or reuse items from other areas of the house – a new set of knobs on your existing dresser can completely change its appearance and a lamp can be changed completely with a new shade.

Tip #3 – Accessorize

Now you have the basics covered, it’s time to set a theme and use accessories to tie everything together. If you choose a color theme, then buy prints, flowers, furnishings - such as a knitted blanket, small pillows or lounge blanket - or trinkets in a bold or contrasting shade; whereas a nautical theme, for example, would be crying out for items featuring, or in the shape of, rope, anchors, waves or boats. It doesn’t have to be expensive – again re-use what you already have elsewhere in your house - consider paint you already have, jewelry that you don’t use - or visit a local flea market for a bargain or just inspiration.

Tip #4 – Lighting

Your bedroom is not just a place for sleep – it’s a place to chill-out, read and relax also, so make sure your lighting choices reflect that. Most bedrooms feature ceiling lights, but what about bedside lights? Choose soft ambient lighting that is bright enough to read by but not obtrusive. If you have a reading corner, a stand-up lamp will provide both light and a focal point when not in use. Lastly, not forgetting your all-important sleep time, consider investing in black-out curtains that can offer both privacy and a comfortable sleeping environment.

Tip #5 – Bedding

When you consider that you spend at least one-third of your day (and approximately half your at-home time) in your bed, it’s easy to see why your bedding should be the focus of your bedroom makeover. A new set of high-quality hotel-standard bedding will not only add to the aesthetics of your room, but make it a comfortable and sleep-inducing space that dreams are literally made of. Aiming to re-create that amazing sleep that everyone experiences in a 5-star hotel, purchasing a luxury bedsheet set and duvet cover is the best single step to a bedroom makeover that makes a difference, not just to your mood but also to your physical wellbeing.

Armed with the above tips, you are well on your way to the bedroom makeover of your dreams, whatever your budget. Just remember, little things can make a huge difference and with a little thought you can reuse items you already own, changing from old and dingy to new and funky with as little as a lick of paint. And, although it may be number five in the list - we saved the best ‘til last – you can makeover on a budget, but invest in high-quality new bedding to reap the best rewards from your efforts!